It’s the Cover Up, Stupid!

It was the cover up that set the tone and eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

It was always thought that the missing 18 minutes of tape recordings was the sinister plot that nailed his hide to the media’s barn. Similarly, the missing emails of Hillary Clinton’s IT guy, Bryan Pagliano, is a smoking gun of suspicion. Politicians go through this five side-step process trying to escape the consequences of their actions. It has always been the cover up that undid them, stupid. Read more below.


As Written By Tom Fitton and seen first on Fox News:

It has taken us several years to begin to understand Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Howard Baker, then a senator from Tennessee, captured the essence of the Watergate scandal that took down the presidency of Richard M. Nixon in thesesimple words: “It is almost always the cover-up rather than the event that causes trouble.”

Nixon resigned 42 years ago, but Baker’s words have lived on in Washington, because the impulse to conceal a misdeed is shared by politicians of every persuasion, including Hillary Clinton, who is now running for the office Nixon vacated.

One irony has not been missed: In her first major job out of law school, Hillary Clinton joined the special committee, of which Baker was ranking minority member, investigating Nixon. And more irony: Bill Clinton, who turned that job down, would eventually become president and be impeached himself.

So universal among the powerful is this instinct to conceal a misdeed that there is a taxonomy of the process: the initial responses to an allegation, the withholding or tampering with evidence, the delayed response, the intimidation of whispers, and the damage control.

The current investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state reminds us of a truism in these matters: Politicians never seem to learn. We can look at her current troubles through the lens of Watergate to understand what to expect with any politician stepping over the line:

1. Listen to their language. The Watergate is a hotel in Washington where Nixon operatives broke in to steal campaign information from the Democratic Party. Nixon’s people subsequently described that act as a “third-rate burglary.” In the same manner, Clinton has described the FBI investigation of her email ….. (there is more, keep reading)

Full Story Here:

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