Jake Tapper ‘Went Off’ On Blistering Tangent In Support Of President Trump? [Video]

CNN’s Jake Trapper took it to the nations that voted against the United States at the United Nations General Assembly. Specifically, Jake Trapper condemned their vote against the United States for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

128 Nations voted to condemn the United States for this action for our ally, Israel. Mr. Trapper then begins to name names and call out these despotic nations for their hypocrisy between their words and their actions. After all, just how much moral authority can a notion like North Korea have? Congrats to Mr. Trapper for being right on this issue.

As Written and Reported By Hank Berrien for the Daily Wire:

On Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper blistered despotic nations around the world that chose to condemn the United States for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Tapper commenced his assault by saying, “Remember yesterday, how United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the U.S. would be taking names of countries that supported a resolution critical of the Trump Administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?”

Tapper noted that 128 countries voted against the U.S., many of them U.S. allies, and that only nine countries voted with the U.S., with 35 abstentions.

Tapper continued, “Among the 128 countries that voted to condemn the U.S. on this issue were some countries with some rather questionable records of their own; take Venezuela’s representative today.” He then played a clip of Venezuela’s representative to the U.N. smirking, “The world is not for sale. The world is not for sale, and your threats imperil global peace.”

Tapper then launched his fusillade:

“The U.S. imperils global peace,” says the representative of Venezuela, a country in a humanitarian disaster with violence in the streets, an economy …..


Jake Tapper Blisters Despotic Regimes For Condemning Trump’s Jerusalem Decision | Daily Wire

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