James Comey Unmasked

There were a lot of warnings being sounded to President Trump about his then FBI Director, James Comey. In his testimony, his story starts to come unraveled, and his motives are becoming clearer. As of now, he cannot even produce a copy of the purported memo of the Trump meeting. Then add to it that he wanted it leaked to cause a Special Counsel to be appointed. Here is gross manipulation to get at the President. 

As Written By Clarice Feldman for American Thinker:

If your head is swimming with the accounts of “Russian Collusion” with the Trump campaign, a cock and bull story confected by Hillary Clinton to explain her loss and to undermine the President, allow me to simplify it now that James Comey has testified and revealed with a load of bunk it is.

First of all, don’t forget that as the head of the FBI, James Comey had the power to request the appointment of a Special Counsel anytime he felt it was warranted. In fact, despite countless leaks to the press that there was evidence of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and Russia, he had informed the relevant Congressional leaders that the FBI had no such evidence after months of investigation, a concession which, unsurprisingly enough, was never, leaked.  The four Democrat leaders of the Gang of 8, which oversees the operation and knew this themselves, kept promulgating the lie that there was some such evidence.

After he was fired, in an act of venomous revenge — not atypical of the Swamp – Comey had a friend, a Columbia Law School professor, leak his version of a conversation with the president.  In this version, Trump was trying to hide the collusion by cutting off an investigation.

Why did he not simply release the memo to the press in a less cowardly fashion? Because he clearly hoped it would not be traced to him, and the motive thus made clear. Moreover, he confessed that he wanted to force the appointment of a special counsel.  This follows to a striking degree the path in the Plame case — where the attorney general, John Ashcroft, recused himself, and Comey was made acting attorney general, whereupon he appointed his friend Patrick Fitzgerald.  I trust that many readers already are familiar with the manner in which Fitzpatrick’s investigation into a leak by Cheney-hater Richard Armitage, which tied up the administration and resulted in a confected process crime against a Cheney aide, Lewis Libby. In case you want to refresh your recollection of those events, here is the article I wrote about it……..


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