Jason Chaffetz “They need to start putting people in handcuffs” [Video]

Former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz is not satisfied with the progress that the Department of  Justice (DOJ) is making in stemming leaks from the White House and intelligence community. There have been a number of damaging leaks that undermine President Trump’s ability to lead us effectively. If you remember, Reality Leigh Winner, 25, of Augusta, Ga., was arrested by the Justice Department in July on charges of turning over a secret document to a news organization, the first arrest of an alleged leaker by the Trump administration. That is not enough for Mr. Chaffetz, and he wants to see many more arrests. He thinks that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to go all out against these Deep State traitors that are undermining the President. He wants to see people handcuffed and you can assume that he would like to see some perp walks as well. We are with you, Mr. Chaffetz.

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

The Department of Justice isn’t going far enough to crack down on the illegal leaks flowing out of the executive branch, former Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, adding that the “deep state” is trying to keep President Trump from restructuring the federal government.

“They need to start putting people in handcuffs,” Chaffetz said. “The deputy attorney general has no credibility on this, he is doing a press conference, most people don’t understand there are 72 inspectors general that have 13,000 employees. There are 500 inspectors general in just the Department of Justice. Report after report after report, when I was chairing [the House Oversight Committee], we read reports making criminal referrals to the Department of Justice and they don’t prosecute these people.”

“We could sit here all day long, look at people in the past, federal employees, violated the law documented by the inspector general, go put them in handcuffs we’ll get some…….


Chaffetz: ‘Deep State’ Undermining Trump | The Daily Caller

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