Jaw Dropping Response From CNN On President Trump’s Bi-Partisan Meeting on DACA [Video]

The crew at CNN was totally surprised that President Trump could look and act so Presidential. The president met with the leadership from both parties today and had the press and their cameras stay throughout the meeting. The meeting was about immigration, DACA, and chain immigration. 

CNN and most of the mainstream press were expecting for the Donald Trump described in the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury to be the one in attendance. Instead, what they received was a amicable president leading an important meeting. they are still stunned by what they saw. Do you think the President allowed the press in just to disprove the Michael Wolff image?

As Written and Reported By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

So much for the hysteria over Donald Trump’s mental health and KFC-in-the-bedroom detachment, eh? Put aside the policy considerations — or don’t, depending on where you land on the comprehensive-immigration continuum — and marvel at this instant reaction from the media platform Trump looooooves to hate. At just the moment when long-distance psychology had gripped the national media, Trump decided to keep the cameras rolling while negotiating with members of Congress from both parties — and dominated the discussion.

Wolf Blitzer started off by trying to discuss the substance of the meeting, but Gloria Borger shifted gears immediately to the process. Borger says she turned to Dana Bash and asked, “Is this real?”As Bash concurred, Borger pointedly notes that today’s televised negotiations provided a stark contrast to the picture painted by Michael Wolff’s gossipy book. “This is a president,” Borger continues, “who I think is pointedly behaving, not as Michael Wolff would have him portrayed in his book, but as someone who is sitting around with people and is in charge.”

Mission accomplished….


Trump sure looked presidential today, says … CNN? – Hot Air Hot Air

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