John Bolton Just Drained One More From The Swamp And The Democrats Are Fuming!

The nation’s top Cybersecurity Post has been eliminated by the Trump administration. Cybersecurity focuses on keeping the government safe and secure from attacks on the computer systems. It appears that National Security Adviser John Bolton wants to do a little streamlining. The idea does not seem so good at first glance. There has already been some knee-jerk criticism of the move. 

As Written and Reported By Eric Liberman for the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump’s administration has officially eliminated its top cybersecurity post at the behest of new national security adviser John Bolton, according to a Politico report published Tuesday.

The executive dismissal comes a week after Politico first reported Bolton was highly considering removing the White House role of cyber policy adviser.

The move is reportedly part of a larger maneuver to “streamline authority” for the leadership of the national security council teams.

Formerly of NSA, Rob Joyce left his position as cyber coordinator May 11 and will once again serve within the federal surveillance agency, according to Politico.

Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner perceived initial reports of Bolton cutting out the post as a danger since attacks on virtual systems on both America’s private and public sectors appear to be increasing either in intensity, prevalence, or both. He expressed his deep-seated criticism of such a move before Politico officially confirmed it, while also detailing several areas of concerns whether it’s Russia, China, Iran or the go it alone, individual online menace…..


White House Removes Top Cybersecurity | The Daily Caller



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