John Kerry Makes a Deal with the Houthis?!!

John Kerry has completed a ‘complicated’ deal with Houthi rebels in Yemen. Some United States Citizens say this should not have been released. Is the term complicated to be understood as code speak for ransom? There is definitely a Quid Pro Quo going on here. Details have not been released so we can only speculate how complicated it will be to understand.

As Written By the Associated Press:

U .S. Secretary of State John Kerry says Yemen’s Houthi rebels released two U.S. citizens on Saturday, without identifying the Americans.

Kerry said they were freed as part of complicated diplomatic arrangement that included airlifts for Yemenis wounded by a recent airstrike carried out by a Saudi-led coalition. Those individuals were taken to Oman for treatment.

Kerry said the U.S. has been working on such efforts for the last few days, alongside a push for a cease-fire in Yemen that would allow the country’s internationally recognized government and the Iran-backed Houthis to return to negotiations.

The state-run Oman News Agency said two Americans “held” in Yemen were released and flown to the sultanate following negotiations between Omani officials and “Yemeni authorities” in the capital, Sana, which is controlled by the Houthis and their allies. It also did not identify the Americans……

Full story here:

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have released 2 Americans, John Kerry says – LA Times

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