John Podesta Busted By His Very Own Testimony?

John Podesta busted by his own testimony? That is now a distinct possibility. Let us do a little recap here. John Podesta is or was the campaign manager for the Hillary Clinton presidential bid. John and his brother Tony have a business called the Podesta Group. 

The Hillary campaign, with John Podesta, hired Perkins Coie as general counsel. To do background research, the general counsel hired Fusion GPS, who hired former UK Agent Steele to produce the infamous Russian dossier on Donald Trump.

We are expected to believe that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton did not know where One Million United States Dollars went to fund this “research.” In this article, you will see the timelines of who met with whom and when. That should be enough to get a special counsel assigned. Don’t hold your breath. The Teflon Queen, Hillary, may well slide out of this one or find a scapegoat.

As Written By Chuck Ross for The Daily Caller:

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta met with the founder of the opposition research firm behind the Trump dossier just after the dirty document was published earlier this year, according to a new report in The New York Times.

The revelation is significant because Podesta, a longtime Democratic operative, recently told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he did not know who paid the research firm, Fusion GPS, to produce the dossier, which BuzzFeed published on Jan. 10.

An associate of Podesta’s told The Times that he met with Glenn Simpson, the founding partner of Fusion GPS, to compare notes about Russia’s meddling in the election.

Podesta’s associate told The Times that Simpson was considering whether his firm should continue its investigation of Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.


Podesta Met With Fusion GPS Chief After Dossi | The Daily Caller

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