Jon Ossoff the Democrat Candidate in GA6 Seems to Have Another Little Issue With Voting

Democrat Jon Ossoff is in the Georgia 6th Congressional District runoff with Republican Karen Handel. They are vying for Tom Price’s old seat. This race is one of those on the Democrat’s target list in an effort to embarrass President Donald Trump. The embarrassment may actual be that of Jon Ossoff. You already know that he does not live in his own district and cannot vote for himself. That may not be an issue as he apparently does not have a sterling voting record. Does that reflect his real interest in politics? Read on.

As Written By Ken Scher for the Free Beacon:

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff cannot vote for himself in June’s runoff election because he lives in the wrong district, but based on his previous turnout for runoff elections it is unlikely he would vote in it even if he could.

Voting records reveal that the 30-year-old Ossoff, who has been an eligible Georgia voter for over a decade, has never voted in one of the state’s many runoff elections, according to information obtained through the Georgia secretary of state.

The first opportunities for Ossoff to participate in runoffs came in 2008, the year he initially registered to vote.

Ossoff registered to vote nine days too late to participate in the 2008 presidential primary, according to his file, so his first vote came as a registered Democrat in the July 15 Georgia primary. No candidate received over 50 percent of the vote in the primary, sending the race to an August 5 runoff three weeks later. Ossoff did not vote in that runoff.

Ossoff returned to the polls that year for the November 4 general election. Incumbent Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss fell short of 50 percent in the general, sending the race to a December 2 runoff that Ossoff also neglected.

Ossoff next showed up to vote in 2010 for a July 20 primary, but was a no-show for the August 10 runoff. He did show up for the November 2 general election.

Ossoff has not been eligible to vote in any of the runoff elections that have occurred since 2010, but his record for turning out in other elections has been far from stellar.

In 2012, as CNN reported last week, Ossoff did not vote in any elections at all. His campaign says that Ossoff “was working on his Master’s degree at the London School of …….


Jon Ossoff Has Never Bothered to Vote in a Runoff Election – Washington Free Beacon

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