Judge Nap Wants Trump To Stick It To The Intel Community

Judge Nap, Andrew Napolitano, is a contributor and talking head on FOX News. He has always had sound legal reasoning to the benefits of FOX listeners and keeps the wool from being pulled over our eyes by the liberal progressive left. 

[VIDEO] The Judge does not sound like he is too happy with the Intelligence Community and its deals with and about President Donald Trump. the Judge is always quick to offer free advice to the President. Sometimes, you might think that the President is actually listening. In this video, you will hear Judge Napolitano talk about the good and the bad that is in the Democrat FISA memo. The Judge wants it all to come out. Why? Read on. 

As Written and Reported By Nick Givas for the Daily Caller:

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said he hopes President Donald Trump allows the Schiff FISA memo to be released and thinks it will drive the intelligence community crazy.

“I hope he releases it because it will show who’s spinning, who’s exaggerating,” Napolitano said on Fox & Friends Tuesday. “It will also show … raw intelligence. There’s everything in there. If you like Donald Trump, you are going to find some stuff in there. If you don’t like Donald trump, you’re going to find some stuff in there. So the pressure, once this Democratic memo comes out, the pressure will build for the raw intelligence on which the Republican memo is based and on which the Democratic memo is based to come out.”

“That will send the intelligence community through the roof,” he added. “Because this stuff is never ever made public.”

Napolitano said “raw intelligence” includes any recordings, messages, or information intercepted by the intelligence community believes it would be unprecedented for the public to learn how these agencies gather data……


Judge Nap Wants Democratic Memo Released | The Daily Caller

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