Judge Roy Moore may get some White House help in Alabama

There are reports that Alabama Senate candidate, Judge Roy Moore, may be receiving an added bonus from the White House. Apparently, the President has not given up on Moore and may come back into the campaign for Moore. The President has obviously been sitting on the sidelines and watching.

The Judge has been under attack with sexual harassment charges dating back to almost 40 years ago. Close examination of the charges and the background of the accusers are painting a picture that more closely approaches nothing less than political dirty works. 

As Written By Adam Shaw for Breitbart: 

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering using the power of the White House to help get Senate hopeful Roy Moore over the finish line in Alabama — although it seems he will not travel to the state itself.

Politico reports that the White House is “considering flooding the state with robo-calls, emails, and text messages in an offensive designed to activate the president’s supporters on Moore’s behalf,” but there are no plans for Trump to visit the Yellowhammer State.

Trump did not back Moore during the primary, choosing, instead, to campaign for his establishment opponent, Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL). During that primary race, Trump admitted he “might have made a mistake” in wading in and said he would campaign for Moore if he won.

Moore won the race comfortably, and Trump has apparently been reluctant to give an explicit endorsement of the Republican — who has been dogged by a number of accusations of sexual impropriety from decades ago.

Trump has, however, taken a number of shots at Moore’s Democratic opponent Doug Jones.

“I’ve looked at his record. It’s terrible on crime. It’s terrible on the border. It’s terrible on ……..


Report: White House Considers Weighing in to Help Roy Moore in Alabama 

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