Judicial Watch Investigator Says Nunes Has Been Lied to Repeatedly [Video]

Judicail Watch has been all over the spectrum in uncovering the Deep State and other nefarious activities within the government. They have definitely been your man on the scene when all others have walked away. 

The unmasking of members of the Trump campaign and of President Trump’s staff are a smoking gun as to the intentions of the resistance to Trump. They have enough information to imply that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes has been lied to over and over again. If these lies are exposed now that Nunes is back on the job, there could be hell to pay for former Obama officials.

As Written By Christina Laila for the Gateway Pundit:

Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell told Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett Friday evening that he has reason to believe House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes has been lied to over and over again regarding the unmasking scandal.

Chris Farrell appeared on Fox News’ Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the corruption in the FBI and DOJ.

Attorney Gregg Jarrett filled in for Lou Dobbs Friday evening and brought up Mueller’s team of liberal hacks with a political ax to grind.

“Are you concerned that the Mueller team, including Mueller himself have extreme political bias and corrupt motives?” Jarrett asked.

“Their credibility is now something less than zero,” ……


Judicial Watch Investigator: ‘I Have Reason to Believe Chairman Nunes Has Been Lied To’ Regarding Unmasking Scandal (VIDEO)



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