Judicial Watch opened a new can of worms about Hillary Clinton

The saga of the Hilliary Clinton emails took on new life this week courtesy of Judicial Watch and their use of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). For the first time, we can see that the Obama Department of Justice used the grand jury subpoena, howbeit very sparingly. As you read through this, please notice how the investigative data was spun to give the least exposure to Hillary Clinton. Then notice how there was a rush to the FISA court to investigate Donald Trump and the so-called Russian Connection.

As By Andrew C. McCarthy, The National Review

Why the Obama Justice Department avoided the grand jury . . . until it had no choice

On the matter of the 2016 election, why is there an investigation into Russian meddling but no investigation of Justice Department meddling? The latter effort was more extensive. And it sure looks like it would be a lot easier to prove.

This week, courtesy of Judicial Watch, we learned that the Obama Justice Department and the FBI did, in fact, use the grand jury in the Clinton e-mails probe. Or, to be more accurate, they fleetingly used grand-jury subpoenas, which were issued to BlackBerry service providers at the tail end of the investigation — a futile attempt to recover e-mails sent to and from then–Secretary of State Hillary Clinton right before she transitioned from BlackBerry to her homebrew server.

That’s a story unto itself, which we’ll get to in due course.

The news of grand-jury involvement contradicts prior reporting, at least at first blush. As we shall see, to say a grand jury was “involved” does not mean there was a real grand-jury investigation. It does, however, reinforce what we have said all along: The main subjects of the investigation could easily have been compelled to provide evidence and testimony — which is what investigators do when they are trying to make a case rather than not make a case. There was no valid reason for prosecutors to treat criminal suspects to an immunity spree. They could, for example, have served grand-jury subpoenas on Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, demanding that they surrender the private computers they used to review Clinton’s e-mails, including classified e-mails it was unlawful to transfer to such non-secure computers. The Justice Department did not have to make promises not to use the evidence against the suspects in exchange for getting the evidence…….


Hillary Clinton E-mail Investigation: Grand-Jury Subpoenas | National Review

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