Just In: A decision that could help shape the future of American nuclear power

When it comes to building nuclear reactors, the State of Georgia is still on track, sort of, to complete one. At least the State is trying to get it done instead of giving up. There is only one other reactor under construction. That gives you an idea how rare they are. Delays and cost overruns will try to be recouped under this agreement. It is mind boggling how hard this has become.

As Written and Reported By Ben Wolfgand for the Washington Times:

In a decision that could help shape the future of American nuclear power, Georgia regulators on Thursday said a troubled $25 billion reactor project that’s over budget and years behind schedule can continue — though state electricity customers will have to foot less of the bill moving forward.

The unanimous vote of the five-member Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) will have reverberations across the nation and the energy sector; if the panel had stopped the expansion of the Plant Vogtle facility, it would have cast serious doubt on whether it’s commercially feasible to build a new nuclear reactor in the U.S.

The two new reactors at the Vogtle site, located just south of Augusta, would be the first such new facilities put into operation nationwide since 1978.

“Today’s decision may or may not be the most important decision ever made by this body,” said PSC Chairman Stan Wise before the vote.

The decision surely will come as welcome news to the Trump administration, which has been trumpeting nuclear power as part of its all-of-the-above energy strategy. The Energy Department in September offered a conditional $3.7 billion loan guarantee to the project, hoping the money would provide a lifeline and keep the entire proposal from …….


Georgia regulators say nuclear reactors, nation’s first since 1978, will be finished – Washington Times

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