JUST IN: A New Internal FBI Report Shows McCabe-Comey Discrepancy

What this FBI report shows is that former FBI Director James Comey and his Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe seems to have a different remembrance of certain actions. The difference is enough that tied with other questionable testimony, lead to the firing of Andrew McCabe by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. All this testimony was covered as part of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility report that resulted in the firing. Regardless of the facts, Mr. McCabe has complained loudly and long about how he has been mistreated. This report puts some of that into perspective.

As Written and Reported By Manu Raju, Pamela Brown, Laura Jarrett and Jeremy Herb for CNN:

The internal FBI report that served as grounds for the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe includes key testimony from his former boss that shows a discrepancy with McCabe’s public statements, according to multiple sources familiar with the report.

Former FBI Director James Comey told internal investigators at the Justice Department that he could not recall McCabe telling him about having authorized FBI officials to talk to a reporter about an ongoing investigation, the sources said.
Comey’s comments to the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office, which were later included as part of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility report on McCabe that prompted his firing earlier this month, put him at odds with the statements McCabe has made about authorizing FBI officials to provide information to the Wall Street Journal in an October 2016 story about FBI and Justice Department tensions over an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
McCabe has publicly maintained that he was in a position to authorize the other FBI officials speaking with the reporter and that Comey was aware McCabe had done it……


Internal FBI report shows discrepancy between McCabe and Comey accounts – CNNPolitics


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