Just When We Started To See Jake Tapper Reporting Real News He Does This?!?!

CNN’s very own Jake Tapper seemed to be moving away from fake news and then he mounts this attack against Breitbart News. You could call it prevarication but Breitbart calls it an outright lie. Mr. Tapper tried to tie Breitbart to an anti-semite journalist and wannabe politician. That ain’t gonna happen. Here is the whole story.

As Written and Reported By Matthew Boyle for Breitbart: 

CNN, the network that has fared the absolute worst all year in terms of credibility problems, has had its own very fake news scandal reignited right before the end of the year by two of the worst perpetrators of fake news at CNN.

Lead Anchor Jake Tapper falsely alleged on Wednesday morning that Paul Nehlen is a “Breitbart favorite,” despite the fact that Breitbart News has cut all ties with Nehlen and removed his contributor page from the website after the challenger of House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District made a series of anti-Semitic and pro-white supremacist comments. These developments fit a larger pattern of very fake news from CNN after CNN spiked a fake story it had planned to print about Breitbart News last week and comes in a year where the network has seen top talent forced to resign amid getting caught printing inaccurate and unverified information. All of this comes as another CNN writer, Oliver Darcy, printed demonstrably inaccurate allegations against Breitbart News on Wednesday that were made with a reckless disregard for the truth — false statements that CNN has removed from an article after publication without notifying its readers of the fact it made an edit to the piece post-publication.

A series of actions by CNN operatives over the past week plus — culminating in a demonstrably false tweet about Breitbart News on Wednesday morning from Jake Tapper — have thrown the network into turmoil turning into the new year, rejuvenating a scandal that CNN had hoped was in its rear-view mirror. These actions by CNN’s various agents, the most prominent of which is Tapper but others network-wide have proven to be involved, cap off a horrendous year for CNN.

Tapper has previously been caught inflating his own background. This summer, as Breitbart News exposed, Tapper inflated his credentials with working class voters in Pennsylvania, acting as though he comes from a middle class background when he does …….


Fake Tapper: ‘Very Fake News’ Anchor Leads Re-Ignition of CNN Scandal


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