Just when you thought the e-mail story couldn’t get worse for Hillary [Video]

The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal just took a drastic turn for the worse.

As Reported By The Washington Post:
After several weeks of relative dormancy, the story of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server surged back into the news Tuesday night, with a trio of stories that suggest things are going to get worse before they get better (if they get better) for the former secretary of state’s 2016 campaign.
Here’s what we learned:
1. The State Department has, on the record, disputed Clinton’s claim that her handing over of her e-mails was standard operating procedure, according to reporting from The Washington Post. In fact, State contacted Clinton in the summer of 2014 upon learning that she had exclusively used a private server to conduct business during her time as the nation’s top diplomat. Asked about the discrepancy in Iowa on Tuesday night, Clinton told the Des Moines Register: “I don’t know that. I can’t answer that.”
2. The FBI has succeeded in recovering work and personal e-mails from Clinton’s server. That raises at least the possibility that the 50 percent of her e-mails that Clinton deleted as private could be combed through to ensure that the judgments made by her lawyers were the right ones. (SEE GRAPH HERE)
3. More State Department e-mails related to the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, were turned over to the Republican-led congressional committee investigating Clinton’s actions that day.
Any one of those stories is bad news for Clinton. The three together make for a toxic mix in a narrative that has already cost Clinton dearly in her bid for the Democratic nomination and the presidency. A new Bloomberg national poll shows her with a single-digit lead over Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, and with fewer than four in 10 voters viewing her favorably……….. (CONTINUE READING HERE)


Hillary Clinton email scandal story gets even worse

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