Just Where did that Benghazi Testimony Come From? [VIDEO]

Just where did the testimony by Rice and Rhodes on Benghazi come from? Former Ambassador John Bolton weighs in on the most recent information that has come to light. Catherine Herridge reports below the video. Don’t miss this!

As Written By Catherine Herridge and first appeared on Fox News:

Appearances by top presidential advisers Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes before the House Benghazi committee earlier this year weren’t always a sure thing – the testimony was only secured after a secret meeting in January between panel head Trey Gowdy and White House officials, a source tells Fox News.

The source familiar with the negotiations said the White House originally said no to the request to have National Security Adviser Rice and deputy Rhodes speak to the committee probing the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

But Gowdy, R-S.C., stepped in to personally negotiate for their appearances at the secret meeting, held late January in Charlotte, N.C., with members of the White House Counsel’s office.

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