Just Who Are These Villains of Robert Mueller’s “Investigative Team?”

Sooner or later someone had to point out the villainous knaves that comprise the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. So far only the author of this piece and Congressman Devin Nunes have called out the Witch Hunt for what it is. Do NOT expect the mainstream media to question the objectives of the cabal. Here is what is going down.

As Written By Patricia McCarthy for the American Thinker:

By now it should be clear to every sentient American that the Mueller “investigation” is not an investigation at all.  It is, as President Trump and others have noted, a witch hunt.  As surely as the witch trials that began in 1692 were driven by hatred and hysteria, this one, too, is driven by hatred, intolerance, and fear.  The progressive left still refuses to accept the outcome of the 2016 election and has been trying to undo it by any means necessary.  The “collusion with Russia” meme was and remains a non-starter, so now the real motive for Mueller’s appointment as special counsel is evident for all to see.  It was always to find a way to remove Trump from office.  Mueller and his gang of thugs, like Andrew Weissmann, are the left’s version of mobsters: cross them, and you will pay.  The Beltway establishment cannot, and will not, abide an outsider in their midst.

Why is this travesty being allowed to continue?  Why is Devin Nunes the only man in Congress to cry foul from the rooftops?  Why aren’t Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican majority banding together to put a stop to what is clearly a campaign to destroy a duly elected president who, in just under a year, has kick-started the economy, done more to protect our borders than any of his predecessors, appointed a constitutional jurist to the Supreme Court, and rolled back the last administration’s job-killing regulatory overreach?  One can only assume that it is because they, the Beltway establishment and the Deep State, are all on the same page.  None of the denizens of D.C. wants a man they consider a parvenu to be a member of their club, let alone the president of it.  They are a horde of sore losers……


Mueller and his cabal of villainous knaves

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