Justice Anthony Kennedy: Twitter and Facebook have surpassed, the public square as a place for discussion and debate

The Supreme Court, no less, recently remarked at how Twitter and Facebook have grown to become the new Public Square of free speech. The case has to do with North Carolina and barring sex offenders from social media. The Courts remarks, however, bring up a current reality to the citizen use of social media in modern times. A California mall was ruled to have suppressed free speech on its private property. See the connection? Read on.

As Written By Mark Grabowski for the Washington Examiner:

Does Milo Yiannopoulos have a constitutional right to tweet?

Most Americans know they can speak their mind in the public square, thanks to the First Amendment. Speech on social media, however, can be censored because private companies own those cyber spaces.

But a recent Supreme Court oral argument suggests Twitter’s practice of banning controversial right-wing pundits could be deemed illegal.

During a Feb. 27 hearing involving the constitutionality of a state social media law, Justice Anthony Kennedy said that Twitter and Facebook had become, and even surpassed, the public square as a place for discussion and debate.

“Their utility and the extent of their coverage are greater than the communication you could have ever had, even in the paradigm of public square,” he said while hearing arguments in Packingham v. North Carolina…….


Twitter’s censorship may be unconstitutional | Washington Examiner



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