Kansas City Police and Firefighters on Alert after Serious Threat

The FBI is now investigating a serious credible threat. The threat is not just against Police officers in the area, it is also calling for anyone such as firefighters to be killed. The threat calls for blood. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Obama’s America. Read more below.

As Reported By KHSB News:

A social media threat against police and firefighters is making the rounds in the metro area.

The post calls on the Crips and Bloods gangs to shed some blood.

Word of the non-specific threat came after KCK Police Captain Dave Melton’s murder Tuesday and at a time when fatal shootings of police officers are a national concern.

On Thursday, both the KCMO and KCK Fire Departments received notice of this threat along with other area fire departments in the Heart of America Metro Fire Chiefs Council. That organization’s headquarters are in Olathe.

The threat reads in part, “As you fight, remember that the fireman and the police are on the same side. Don’t be fooled!”

“We are calling on the gangs across the nation! Attack everything in blue except the mailman, unless he is carrying more than mail!”

Full Story With Video Here:

Social media threat puts local police officers, firefighters on alert – + KSHB.com

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