Koch Brothers Plotting Conservative Resistance Movement 

There is a conservative resistance movement and it is being led by the Koch Brothers. They met with about 400 donors near Pikes Peak, Colorado and planned strategies for the 2018 mid-term elections. It is good to know that there are some activities and pre-planning in place to resist an invigorated alt-left movement. Who are these people and what do they see for 2018? Please read on.

As Written by John Frank for the Denver Post: 

The Koch network is sounding the alarm on the 2018 elections and relying on deep network to win in Colorado.

The conservative resistance movement on Sunday celebrated its victories and plotted strategy for the 2018 election at a luxury resort in Colorado nestled between a placid lake with two snuggling swans and the picturesque mountains near Pikes Peak.

The political network backed by the Koch brothers gathered more than 400 of its wealthiest donors at The Broadmoor for a three-day retreat that emphasized its work in states across the nation.

Led by the organization’s political arm, Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs declared the state legislative sessions in 2017 as the network’s most successful ever. In Colorado, conservatives highlighted victories in equalizing state spending on charter schools and defeating a major tax hike to improve the state’s crumbling roads.

“We are seeing a once-in-a generation renaissance of freedom and prosperity policies being enacted at the state level, said Tim Phillips, one of the top Koch network strategists, in an interview. “The untold story is the dramatic policy advancements that are actually helping people at the state level.”

Koch network leaders credited the investment at the state level for their successes — one that rivals, if not exceeds, the investment made by the Republican Party at the national and state levels………

There is more here keep reading:

The Koch brothers plot a conservative resistance movement in Colorado Springs strategy session – The Denver Post


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