Latest Warships Encounter, Russia Quick to Protest [Video]

United States and Russian warships come close aboard each other in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.  

The Russians were quick to protest and post this video to complain about the U S Navy’s “unprofessional” and dangerous maneuver. Russia is trying to deflect attention from its own behavior in past encounters. The video is incomplete in order to uphold the Russian complaint. Now you need to read this article for the rest of the story. 

As Written by Christopher P. Cavas for Navy Times:

The latest Russian-US kerfuffle at sea appears to feature a US warship making a close-in, high-speed pass on a Russian ship — but there may be more to the story than what a one-minute and two-second video shows.

The incident took place June 17 in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and involved the US destroyer Gravely and the Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudry.

In a video posted June 28 on YouTube by the Russian news agency Sputnik, the Gravely is seen coming up on the Mudry’s port, or left, side, on a roughly parallel course. The Gravely then appears to pick up even more speed and maneuver directly ahead of the Russian, pulling away and rocking the frigate with its wake.

“A US destroyer violated international and bilateral agreements by approaching a Russian ship dangerously close this month while it was following its course and didn’t violate any international law standards,” Sputnik wrote in the video’s description.

The Russian Defense Ministry, as reported by Sputnik, described the incident.

“US destroyer Gravely made a close encounter with a Russian warship in the eastern Mediterranean on June 17 at a distance of 60-70 meters [197-229 feet] on the port side and crossed the Yaroslav Mudry’s course along the bow at a dangerous distance of 180 meters [590 feet],” the ministry said…….

Full Story Here:

Latest warship encounter brings Russian protest

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