Left opens fire on Gov. Scott Walker because he pledged to do THIS!


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, is marching forward with his bold new pro-American worker immigration policy. He’s not afraid to push for a legal immigration system that doesn’t box out American workers with a massive influx of inexpensive foreign labor.

After first rolling out his new ideas on Glenn Beck’s radio program on Monday, Walker appeared on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s show to further elaborate on how he hopes to protect Americans economically from special interests pushing for a massive influx in cheap foreign labor from around the world.

“When it comes to immigration, as a governor I don’t have any direct role in that—but having talked to border state governors and having talked to other people, seeing how screwed up immigration has become under this president, it was clear to me talking to them and listening on this issue, traveling to the border actually going there with the governor of Texas Gov. Abbott, seeing the problems there, yeah from my standpoint going forward we need to secure the border, we need to enforce the laws that we currently have with an e-verify system,” Walker said.

“You’re pretty much in line with the other Republican candidates on this,” Kelly asked as a follow-up.


Liberals Sputter As Scott Walker Proposes Bold New Immigration Platform – Breitbart.


Why Scott Walker Moved Right On Immigration

After being denied the Senate Budget Committee chairmanship as a platform for his populist immigration views, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions has struck back — potentially in the form of Scott Walker’s presidential campaign.

Walker has both liberal and conservative tongues wagging after telling Glenn Beck he’s “talked to Senator Sessions and others out there” about the impact of mass unskilled immigration on American jobs and wages. He even included legal immigration alongside the illegal variety.

Breitbart reported, “Walker is now the only potential or declared GOP presidential candidate to discuss the negative effects of a massive increase in legal immigration on American workers.”

That’s not entirely true. Rick Santorum channeled Sessions on immigration last year.


Scott Walker


Left opens fire on Gov. Scott Walker because he pledged to do THIS!

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