Liberal Doug Schoen Says President Trump Is Making The Right Decision With Mueller [Video]

There is a lot of conjecture about the idea of President Donald Trump firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Technically, it would be within the President’s purview to do just such an act. Would it be a prudent action for the President to follow? Are President Trump and his advisors wise enough to avoid such a mistake? Here are the long and the short of it.

As Written By Doug Schoen for Fox News:

President Trump’s recent comments about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government have taken on a notably more aggressive tone. This indicates a shift in the Trump administration’s strategy for handling Mueller’s probe.

As of now, there is no evidence that President Trump plans to fire Mueller. Whether this decision is his alone or is solely a result of the stern direction of his advisers, it is definitely the wise choice. Firing Mueller would be politically risky and could potentially ignite a constitutional crisis.

However, there are other potential moves related to Mueller’s investigation that President Trump could make that could create a constitutional crisis as well, most of which are far more likely than the president firing Mueller.

For one, President Trump could pardon Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser. Flynn recently pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI regarding his meeting with Sergey Kislyak, who was at the time Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.

During the summer, in the weeks leading up to the president pardoning beleaguered former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona for Arpaio’s conviction of criminal contempt of court, President Trump hinted that Flynn may receive the same relief if he were to be indicted.

“We’ll see,” President Trump responded in the summer when asked whether he would pardon Flynn.

And last Friday the president again refused to say if he would consider pardoning ……..


Doug Schoen: Why Trump is smart to not fire Mueller | Fox News

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