Liberal Heads Explode As Well Known Liberal Magazine Pokes Fun At Hillary

Vanity Fair’s sense of humor caused liberal heads to explode by poking fun at former Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. You could say that they were putting up resolutions about things that Hillary Clinton should try next year. 

there is a very funny suggestion as to what the title of her sequel book should be and also some crafts that she might want to take up instead of politics. The Hillary crowd had a very predictable reaction and it was not with humor. They cannot allow their saint to be degraded, even in fun, by a liberal mag. Geez.

As Written and Reported By Brian Flood for Fox News:

Vanity Fair sent liberals into a tizzy this week by posting a video that mocks Hillary Clintonby suggesting New Year’s resolution possibilities for the failed presidential candidate.

The 63-second video recommends that Clinton starts working on a sequel to her book, “What Happened,” but with a new title, “What the hell happened?” Another Vanity Fair staffer thinks Clinton should “disable autofill” on her iPhone so that typing a simple “f” doesn’t automatically become “form exploratory committee.”

Another suggestion for Clinton is to teach a class on the alternate nostril breathing that she famously discussed during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, while another Vanity Fair staffer proposed that Clinton take more photos in the woods because, “How else are you going to meet unsuspecting hikers?

Knitting, volunteer work and improv comedy are suggested as new hobbies that will keep Clinton from running for president again in 2020. One Vanity Fair staffer said it is time Clinton finally puts away her James Comey voodoo ……


Liberal outrage erupts after Vanity Fair pokes fun at Hillary Clinton | Fox News 


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