Liberal News Anchor SHOCKED When An All-Female Panel Defends President Trump [Video]

CBS Evening News anchor Mark Strassman threw loaded question after loaded question at three female supporters of President Donald Trump. However, his guests, Janelle Jones, Ellen Diehl, and Lucretia Hughes, did not take his bait or cues from him on how to respond. Mr. Strassman was looking to use these fine women to tear apart the President. They were having none of it and defend the President well as you can see and hear.

As Written By Jacob Airey for the Daily Wire:

CBS Evening News hosted a panel of three women, two African-American and one Caucasian, all who voted for and support President Trump. The outlet was surprised to find that recent events have not changed their opinion about the current Commander-in-Chief.

Janelle Jones, Ellen Diehl, and Lucretia Hughes appeared on the program Tuesday. No doubt the mainstream media outlet was looking for a juicy story that including the women shedding tears over Trump’s reaction to the racially-motivated march and murder in Charlottesville.

However, anchor Mark Strassman faced a rude awakening when the women not only proclaimed their continued support for the president, they downplayed the magnitude of importance the news media has displayed about the vicious incident between the racist neo-Nazis and the violent radical Antifa groups.

Strassman asked, “Has your support for Trump lessened one bit?”

All three women gave a firm ‘no,’ with Hughes emphasizing, “Absolutely……


CBS Anchor Shocked As All-Female Panel Defends Donald Trump | Daily Wire

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