Liberal News Makes OMINOUS Prediction for Democrats

The Associated Press and ABC News are reading the tea leaves (not the Tea party) for the Democrat Party’s future in 2018 and things are not coming up roses. They have discovered that the Democrats have a far larger territory to defend than the Republicans in 2018. They also understand that the protests, riots, and violence will not convert into enthusiasm and votes for their agenda. You, too, can read the tea leaves in this article.

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“Despite Protests”

Democrats are still in deep denial about 2016.  They were supposed to enjoy a landslide victory that would vanquish the Republican Party forever. It wasn’t supposed to be close.  Then they lost, badly.  On the heels of defeat they’ve employed a variety of strategies to help them cope.

First, they claimed the election was rigged, then we endured a worthless recount effort that only solidified the win, then they started screaming about popular votes, crowd sizes, and “legitimacy.”  None of the caterwauling mattered because none of it changed the fact that Hillary would never be President. Now, they’re starting to look toward the future.

The plan is obstruction until the midterms. In 2018, they say, things will be different.

The only problem is, as The AP points out, they probably won’t.

Passionate protests against Donald Trump’s presidency have swelled the ranks of Democratic activists, but their new enthusiasm faces a hard reality: Republicans remain well-positioned to retain their grip on power in the 2018 elections.

While Republicans hold only a slim majority in the U.S. Senate, Democrats occupy most of the seats up for election in two years. That means they must play defense against Republicans, especially in 10 states that Trump…


AP & ABC News notice that 2018 is going to be horrible for Democrats | Herman Cain

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