Liberals’ new starlet, Sarsour, forcing defense of tons of extremism

Linda Sarsour of Women’s March fame has forced liberals into defending the indefensible. Their resistance movement of identity politics and extreme alt-left pronouncements have pushed the left to the edge of the earth, politically speaking. They are defending murders of policemen as well as praising terrorists, advocating jihad, and being violently anti-Israel. This is where the left has gone. They are in the deep end of the pool.

As Written By Scott Greer for the Daily Caller:

The most prominent movement dedicated to “resisting” the presidency of Donald Trump announced last week it considers a cop killer a hero.

The official Women’s March Twitter account wished convicted murder and unapologetic terrorist Assata Shakur a happy birthday. The tweet drew immediate backlash from conservatives, which prompted the group that counts as one of its leaders the rising left-wing star Linda Sarsour, to explain its decision to show support for someone as odious as Shakur.

Women’s March didn’t apologize for the tweet, didn’t condemn murders of police officers and didn’t swear off violence as a political tactic in its tweet stormin response to the outrage. All the group said was that it prefers non-violence and it primarily honors Shakur for fighting against sexism within her black power terror group, the Black Liberation Army.

What a noble endeavor.

The odious endorsement was met mostly with silence from the bigger news outlets and liberal pundits. But a lone exception to the case was CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who attacked Women’s March for praising a cop killer hiding from justice in Cuba.

That attack drew a sharp reply from Sarsour, who accused Tapper of joining the ranks of the Alt-Right with his criticism. That might be one of the silliest responses to a prominent voice calling them out for glorifying a terrorist…….


Sarsour Molds The Left In Her Own Image | The Daily Caller

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