Linda Tripp Calls Out Democrats On Their Sudden “Change of Heart” [Video]

Linda Tripp was the bad guy that blew the whistle on the Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky affair and has always been hated by the left. It was her recordings of Monica that proved to be a big embarrassment for President Bill Clinton. The sex scandal eventually led to Bill’s impeachment on charges of lying and impeding an investigation. He was acquitted and got to serve his term.

Now the Democrats are caught up in all the sex scandals that have rocked Hollywood, the media, and the government. In an effort to distance themselves from aiding and abetting Bill Clinton back then, they now “see the light” and think that he should have resigned way back then. What an amazing revelation to suddenly have. It is definitely politically convenient. 



Written, Reported By and Seen First on Fox News:

Linda Tripp, who was infamously cast as the villain in the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, calls new concerns about the former president’s behavior a day late and a dollar short.

“What information do they have at their fingertips today that they didn’t have 20 years ago?” Tripp asked in a new interview published in The Weekly Standard. “What information has changed?”

Tripp was thrust into the center of the sex scandal 20 years ago that led to Clinton’s impeachment.

Tripp revealed to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr in 1997that she had secret recordings of Lewinsky, then a White House intern, describing her physical relationship with Clinton.

Tripp and Lewinsky, who was 21 at the time, had been friends after working at the Pentagon together.

Back then, Tripp was vilified by the Clintons for her role in the scandal. Since then – and in the wake of several sexual harassment and assault claims rocking the Capitol – some lawmakers like New York Sen. Kristen Gillibrand said she believes Clinton should have….


Linda Tripp calls new concerns over Clinton behavior disingenuous | Fox News

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