Listen to Pat Caddell Discuss the Democrats Biggest Problem

Former Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell refers to the existing Democrat party as the bi-coastal party. When you look at the red vs blue graphs, it becomes immediately obvious as to what he is talking about. He refers to their current policy as identity politics. This means that they are moving away from traditional broad-based party politics, and forming exclusive political alliances. It is a political form of inbreeding. Quite a lot of subject matter is covered. Great interview to listen and learn. 

As Written By Dan Riehl for Breitbart:

Pat Caddell said, “The opportunities are high” for the incoming Trump administration and discussed the current state of the Democratic Party.

Caddell, a longtime Democrat, called it “a party hollowed out” and unable “to reach out beyond identity politics.” They “keep falling back on the same mantras,” he said.

“The losses at the state level are devastating because that’s where you develop candidates for Congress,” he added.

Caddell concluded, “What’s missing is a positive vision of restoring my party to what it once was, truly the party of the common man, as opposed to a party of … bi-coastal elites” that relies on “divisive identity politics to win.” …..

Full Story Here:

Caddell: Democrats ‘a Hollowed-Out Party’ of ‘Bi-Coastal Elites,’ Unable ‘to Reach Out Beyond Identity Politics’

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