Look Closely at this List of CNN Fake News

CNN has been caught with its hand in the fake news cookie jar too many times this year. The year is not over with yet, either. Some would be inclined to put this off as just a bad rash of mistakes. You need to look closely at this list. This is not a run of mistakes. This is a calculated attempt to get the sound bite, do the damage, and then move on. This is an agenda, pure and simple. Just look at this list.

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

CNN has had a rough 2017 and it’s not even over yet. The news network has repeatedly made key errors when breaking big stories, only to get embarrassed when the facts come to light.

Here are seven times CNN botched the news in 2017.

Comey Testimony 

CNN ran a story on June 6 that claimed former FBI Director James Comey would use his testimony the next day to refute President Donald Trump’s claim that Comey had assured him three separate times that he was not under FBI investigation. That story was debunked the same day when Comey’s prepared remarks were released to the public, showing that Comey would actually confirm, rather than refute, Trump’s assertion.

The botched story had four bylines, including those of three veteran journalists: anchor Jake Tapper, chief political analyst Gloria Borger and executive editor Eric Lichtblau, who had recently joined CNN from The New York Times. CNN was forced to rewrite the piece with a correction noting the error.

CNN Smears Scaramucci 

Later that month, CNN.com published, deleted, and then retracted and apologized for an article that claimed Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci was the subject of a Senate investigation for his ties to Russian bankers. After an intense public backlash, three key members of CNN’s investigative team resigned over their role in the retracted story. The network pulled its investigative team off the Russia story shortly……..


LIST: CNN’s Fake News Stories In 2017 | The Daily Caller

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