Look Who Just Got Dragged Into the Russian Collusion Investigation

It is beginning to appear that if you ever saw the movie The Hunt for Red October, you might make the list for a Russian collusion investigation. President Donald Trump has been under investigation for a while now, and there is still no proof. The Hillary Clinton campaign seems to have colluded, after a fashion, with the Russian dossier against Trump. 

Then there are allegations that Barack Obama was colluding with Vladimir Putin to make sure that the Iran Nuke Deak got through and the Iranians would go along with the farce. Now the poor old Green Party (Remember them?) has been drug into the fray. Jill Stein must have seen a Russian somewhere. You will have to guess who it was, but it will not be hard.

As Written By Jason Devaney for Newsmax:

The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested documents from 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein as it investigates claims of Russian collusion during the campaign.

Dennis Trainor Jr. was the Stein campaign’s communications director and acting manager from January-August 2015. He told BuzzFeed News that the committee is looking for records tied to him because he was the “primary point of contact” for people trying to reach Stein and the campaign, a list that includes media company RT — which is funded by the Russian government.

“Then I was told by Jill just to wait for further instructions,” Trainor told BuzzFeed.

Trainor said Stein will likely comply with the committee’s request and then post the documents online.

Stein’s name has surfaced a handful of times during the Russia investigation, most notably being her presence at an RT dinner in Moscow. At the 2015 event, she sat at the head table with Russian President Vladimir Putin, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and others.


Jill Stein Campaign Documents Requested by Senate Intel Panel Asks

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