Look Who’s Contemplating Kneeling Now

In Colorado, for a special legislative session, there is the rumor of a plan for Democrats to take a knee in the session on Monday. That has yet to be confirmed. Republicans have gotten wind of this plan. That something like this is contemplated by Democrats is a sad commentary of where their party has fallen. Obstensibly, the reason is to support the NFL protestors in their grievances against these fine United States of America. Most voters in Colorado recognize a political stunt where they see one. By its very inappropriateness, this action, if carried out, could and should be a very expensive political mistake. 

As Written By Aaron Bandler for The Daily Wire:

The Democrats seem to have been infected by the NFL’s kneeling fever, and now the Colorado Democrats plan to kneel during a special legislative session, according to a GOP state representative.

On Monday, the Colorado state legislature is holding a special session to discuss a law that puts an exemption on nine districts on Colorado from collecting sales taxes on marijuana. Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) and the Democrats are claiming that it’s costing these districts thousands of dollars, but the Republicans are arguing that any change needs to be presented to the voters.

And yet, Rep. Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs) told me in a phone interview that the Democrats plan to kneel to show solidarity with the NFL national anthem kneelers at the beginning of the special session.

“I’m not sure that during a special session whether or not there will be a national anthem,” said Williams, “but there will be definitely be a pledge, there will definitely be an invocation and that will be the time that I guess they will do it.”…….


Colorado GOP Rep: Democrats Plan On Kneeling During Special Session | Daily Wire

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