Look Who’s Running Interference for Fusion GPS

It has become apparent that the New York Times is doing far more than running interference for Fusion GPS and the now infamous Russian dossier on Donald Trump. In a greatly dishonest hit piece against the Washington Free Beacon and hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that Fusion GPS was hired to do research, it was the Clinton gang that commissioned work to tie Trump to Russia. Here is how they distorted the facts and timeline.

As Written by Esther Goldberg for the Spectator:

The New York Times had two veteran reporters working overtime on Friday night after the representative of a respected conservative publication testified before the House Intelligence Committee. Literally. The piece by Kenneth P. Vogel and Maggie Haberman was posted at 7:32 pm on Friday night. It’s brief and breathless. And embarrassingly dishonest.

The Times is practiced to deceive. It contorts language and chronology to present information in a way so as to not inform, to misinform. Information wants to be free, but what the Times pretends to release has been fettered and gagged.

“Conservative Website First Funded Anti-Trump Research by Firm That Later Produced Dossier” is the headline that should give one pause immediately. The Times identifies the “website” as the Washington Free Beacon, a first rate on-line investigative journal that’s uncovered a lot of information that the Democrats would rather have die in darkness.

WFB is “funded by a major Republican donor” say Haberman and Vogel. No, really? Were we expecting it to be funded by a Democrat donor, perhaps? In this way, the Times tries to implicate “hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer” in the matter of the nasty dossier, though Mr. Singer says he first found out about it when BuzzFeed, a left-leaning website, published it. Hedge fund billionaires are bad when they fund Republicans. The good ones fund the Clintons and the left-wing media…….


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