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Seeing Allen West in person, the first thing I noticed was his normalcy.  He is a nice looking, well dressed, middle-aged man with an unassuming presence…until he speaks.  That is when he becomes larger than life.  I was fortunate to be one of the first few people that he spoke with when he entered the room (well, truth be told I got there early and sat on the front row).  I wore my Politichicks button and he smiled when he shook my hand and said “ah, a Politichick, I guess I will be seeing this in writing”.  I simply said “yes sir, you will, but it will all be good”.

LTC West and I share a birthday, February 7th.  Recently he held a fundraiser dinner for the Allen West Foundation here in our city. Attending the speech and dinner with LTC West was my birthday gift this year from my husband. I loved it!

Per the website – “The primary objective of The Allen West Foundation is to educate and inspire the next generation of conservative minority and veteran leaders”.  This is truly what he has set out to do.  He did not campaign for himself or any candidate, he did not ask for money, he simply educated those in attendance.  In his own words “it is not about parties or politics, it is about principle”.

Allen West still believes in America.  That in itself is rewarding and gives me the fortitude to want to make a difference.  However, there are basic values that he feels we have forgotten,  basic premises that we have quit carrying forward, basic knowledge that we no longer share with the uninformed. For instance, we have stopped taking the message of success to every corner of this great country.  Growing up, Allen West’s parents never told him his color was a crutch.  Children of today need to be told that same thing.



Lt. Col. Allen West – A Man Who Believes in America »

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