LTC Allen West Challenges America 

LTCOL Allen West spoke at the American Heroes Dinner in Chattanooga, Tennessee last night. The money raised helps veterans with needs such as buying a house to everyday expenses. West issued a challenge for every American and a few words for and about the ‘predetermined’ democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Read more below.


As Written By Dennis Norwood for The Chattanoogan:

The award honors those who exemplify the values and passion of the Foundation.

Also speaking this evening was Marine Sergeant DeMonte Cheeley, the recruiter who was wounded last July 16th in the terrorist attack on the Armed Forces Recruiting Center on Lee Highway, that eventually took the lives of the four Marines and one Sailor on Amnicola Highway.

When it was time for the keynote address, LTC West, a Fox News Contributor and  1983 University of Tennessee graduate (same class as Reggie White) began by saying how glad he was to be back on Rocky Top and taking some good natured swipes at the other Southeastern Conference teams represented in the audience. But, that would end the lighter side of his remarks.

Colonel West shot straight from the hip as he reminded the audience that when men and women joined the military they swore an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution, as do our federally-elected officials.  He said, “While no man can guarantee your happiness we have men in this country who think they can. We should not honor that. That is not who we are.”

A leading political conservative who has taken many a shot at President Barack Obama, he did not disappoint what could only be an audience described as largely conservative itself.

“When we think about what happened here in Chattanooga a year ago, in San Bernardino, in Orlando. And what happened at Fort Hood, Texas,” he said. “Also remember it was a year ago that the United States of America signed an agreement with the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world and gave them millions of dollars.”

“I can (still) remember what happened to the Marines in Beirut,” he continued, “234 who lost their lives – sailors, marines and some soldiers – at the hands of Hezbollah, a proxy army of Iran. We are not honoring the sacrifice of those who lost their lives in Beirut when we give Iran millions of dollars.”

According to LTC West, our country is “not honoring the sacrifices of those young men we’re remembering tonight, all the men and women who lost their limbs because the number one supplier of the most lethal improvised explosive devices, responsible for 20 to 25 percent of the deaths and casualties in Iraq, were produced in Iran.”

The keynote speaker continued, “If we are to honor the sacrifices of these men and women let me tell you what we have to do.  We have to start talking about victory. When was the last time you heard anyone saying we have to take the fight to the enemy? When was the last time anyone (in the current administration) had the courage, the resolve, and the commitment to stand up and say ‘I’m sick and tired of these little b&%$#@’s, I’m gonna kill ‘em all!” After receiving one of the loudest ovations of the evening, he went on to talk of the restrictive rules of engagement such as don’t fire until fired upon.

“Any of us who have ever been in a fire fight,” he said, “know that within two to three seconds you just ceded the initiative over to the bad guy and our men and women are the ones who are going to be losing their lives. I believe that if we had more people on Capitol Hill who had been on the receiving end of an AK-47, an RPG or a PKM, men and women who had gone out at night, (who) know what it’s like to be afraid but they go into a fire fight because they love us; if we had more men and women who had taken an oath to the constitution and had been willing to lay their lives down for it, well, we’d have a different country and we’d have an enemy who would be running away from us.”

Colonel West went on, “We would not have a country that would go into ….

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