LTC Allen West Joins the AM 870 Crew to Discuss Obama and the SOTU


Posted on 2/13/13


While here in Southern California we were watching the aftermath of the standoff with suspected cop killer Chris Dorner, President Obama was giving the yearly “State of the Union” Address.

The Morning Answer crew delved in to the topic this morning and invited former Congressman Allen West to join in with his observations.

“One thing that got me was when he talked about the affordable care act,” said West.  “It’s helping to slow the growth of health care costs.  Well one of the things – the medical device tax is going to cost about 43,000 jobs and we have eight new taxes that hit all Americans in January because of the Affordable Care Act.”

Co-host Heidi Harris agreed with Col. West’s take on the speech, especially in regards to the Affordable Care Act.

“I guess the thing that I find the most offensive is he gets up there and makes these sweeping statements about how great things are and how his healthcare plan is saving us money.  It’s a complete lie!” remarked Heidi.   “ It’s not even a question of your opinion, it’s a complete lie.  And he just makes these statements and expects people to slobber over him and agree with him.”

Click on the player above to hear Heidi Harris, Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Col. West discuss more of the State of the Union speech — including 57,000 new job killing regulations and energy security.

Heidi, Brian and Ben can be heard every weekday morning on AM870 The Answer in Los Angeles or online at

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