LTGEN Mike Flynn Takes the NSC Staff In the Right Direction 

President Donald Trump has appointed LTGEN Mike Flynn to head up the National Security Council. LTGEN Flynn is in the process of revamping it. The liberal progressives and academia think that the General will swing it to far with a bunch of former military people on board. Here is why they are totally wrong.

As Written By Steriff for Red State:

If you want to explain the abject failure of Barack Obama’s foreign policy you need look no further than the people filling key positions on his Nation Security Council staff. It is a collection of yes-men and second rate intellects with third rate experience. He drew heavily on failed policy specialists, like the his National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, to give him advice that reinforced his preconceived ideas. In short, our nation’s foreign policy was run like a college dorm room bull session. Anyone with any relevant experience or expertise, beyond being a true-believing Obamanaut, was very hard to find.

Whatever one might think of Mike Flynn, he recognizes just how crappy a team Obama assembled and is trying to fix as badly broken National Security Council.

President Trump is filling the government’s national security leadership with former military officials and businessmen, rejecting the policy and academic types both parties have traditionally relied on. But the militarization of the Trump foreign policy team is even more concentrated on the White House staff led by national security adviser Michael T. Flynn — and it has observers both inside and outside the administration concerned.

Flynn, a retired lieutenant general, is steadily assembling the most military-heavy National Security Council staff of the modern era. His effort stems from two motivations, according to several transition officials I spoke with. First, he wants people he knows and trusts. More broadly, Flynn believes that the Obama administration’s NSC staff had a dearth of real war-fighting experience, resulting in bad policy decisions and poor follow-through, especially when combating terrorist groups abroad.

“We’re going to have people who have looked down a rifle scope,” Flynn often said at meetings during the transition, according to one senior transition official.

But bigots abound:

Military officers bring knowledge, discipline and a keen organizational and planning mentality to problems, said Kori Schake, who wrote a book on civil-military relations with Defense Secretary James N. Mattis, also a retired general. But their strategic weakness is that they often shun the political dynamics of national security problems, which are crucial at the highest levels of policy.

“The president needs a White House staff that is ambidextrous, able to work both realms,” Schake said. “Obama was poorly ….


Mike Flynn Takes the National Security Council Staff In the Right Direction | RedState

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