Lying Hillary Did Not Apologize to Coal Miners?

In a great parsing of words and claiming a “misspoke,” Hillary Clinton shows that Bill and her handlers are still masters of their trade. The double speak is mind boggling at times. She did say that she intended to do away with coal mining and it was in context. Make no mistake about it, Hillary will destroy the coal mining industry if elected. When you read her apology, beware, it is parsed right in there. She intends to replace it with hoped for technology. The main stream media will not hold her accountable. It is up to you.



No, Hillary did not apologize for bragging about putting coal miners ‘out of business’

The media is claiming Hillary Clinton apologized for saying “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” during a town hall event in March. They are wrong. Mrs. Clinton was confronted Monday by an out-of-work coal worker in West Virginia who took issue with the former Secretary of State’s anti-coal comments. Not only did Mrs. Clinton not apologize for the remark, she also lied about the context and intent behind the remark.

First, let’s remember exactly how Jazz described Mrs. Clinton’s boast that she’d use her authority in the federal government to bring an end to America’s embattled coal industry.

In order to establish her bona fides with the Democratic base, Secretary Clinton made sure to let everyone know that she was going to be replacing all of that nasty, dirty, fossil fuel energy which supplies more than two thirds of the juice on our grid with renewable resources. But that’s just standard fare for liberals and not enough to make you a true warrior of the Left. To really put the icing on the cake, the Democratic front-runner decided to get a rise out of the highly supportive crowd with a promise to largely wipe out an industry which provides tens of thousands of jobs.


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