Mainstream Media All ‘Choked Up’ Over This [Video]

When it comes to eating crow, no one does it worse than the mainstream media. Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh takes great delight in their discomfort. So much so that he has put together a video montage of them doing it over the latest revelations about the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign. Remember when President Trump said that his Trump Towers and himself had been wiretapped? The mainstream media went bonkers in their defense of the Obama administration. Well, this week it was revealed that the President’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had a FISA warrant issued on him and the spying did take place. Watch these great excerpts that Rush shares with us.

As Written By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

Top-rated conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh had a blast “tweaking” the media on Tuesday over bombshell reports that the Obama administration did indeed “wire tap” Team Trump.

“These people are eating and choking on crow,” said Limbaugh, who was clearly enjoying every minute of another media face-plant. “It’s yet another example where Trump was right,” he added, yet “they mocked, they laughed at, they made fun of” him.

On Monday, CNN blew up its own narrative that President Trump’s claim in March that “Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower” was an unhinged, unfounded slander of President Obama’s impeccable administration. The network’s report on Monday confirmed information revealed months ago by multiple outlets (and spelled out by Mark Levin) that the Obama administration had used FISA warrants to monitor Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort both before and after the election.

On Tuesday, Limbaugh provided some hilarious/painful highlights of members of the “drive-bys” trying to figure out how to re-spin the narrative. He began with The New York Times‘ David “Rodham” Gergen’s appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night. Here’s the excerpt of the exchange Rush played:

RUSH: So last night, Anderson Cooper 360 spoke with David “Rodham” Gergen about the New York Times report that federal agents wiretapped Manafort. And during the discussion, Cooper and Gergen have this little exchange.

COOPER: I assume he could now say, “Well, look, you know, there was some wiretapping going on.”

GERGEN: There… (laughing). Well, there was wiretapping under a federal court order, I mean, federal court approval. And with top Justice Department officials and his own Justice Department it appears may be since the Obama team, that — that okay, we’ll have to — to wait and see……… 


Rush Limbaugh Gives Hilarious Highlights Of Media ‘Choking On Crow’ Over Trump Wiretapping Story | Daily Wire

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