Mainstream Media in a Frenzy Over Tillerson And It Got Downright Hysterical

There just has to be a connection the Russians somewhere. The mainstream media is trying desperately to tie the Russia collusion narrative into the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. I kid you not, that is where the Democrat’s media minions are trying to root out a story. If you can believe the likes of NBC and the New York Times, Mr. Tillerson understood that the Russians were behind everything. They think that Trump fired Tillerson to protect the Russians. They need to get a real life.

As Written and Reported By Mollie Hemingway for The Federalist:

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he let Rex Tillerson go as Secretary of State and nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him. And Russia conspiracy theorists are pretty sure this is evidence that Donald Trump is a traitor who colludes with Russia. Or something.

Here’s NBC’s senior political editor:

The paper of record suggests something nefarious:

Here’s Fusion GPS’ mouthpiece at The Atlantic:


NeverTrump conservative contributor at CNN:


Media Can’t Figure Out if Tillerson Proves Or Disproves Russia Collusion


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