Making John Kelly Chief of Staff Could Be Trump’s Game Changer

When former House Speaker Newt Gingrich comes out speaking favorably of General John Kelly, you can rest assured that not only is he a good man, but that he is the man for the job. General Kelly has been tapped by President Donald Trump to be White House Chief of Staff. You can start making a list of all the good attributes that will be brought to the position. You can start with strong leadership. Read Newt’s analysis of the man in this article.

As Written by Newt Gingrich for Fox News:

I first met then-Lt. Col. John Kelly when he was the Marine Corps liaison to the House of Representatives, and I was speaker of the House. We traveled together on a number of overseas trips. He was the best liaison officer I have worked with in any service.

Even then, Kelly was smart, diplomatic, personable, a good listener – and knew how to get things done. I found him short on words and long on wisdom.

Gen. Kelly later served multiple tours in Iraq, where he excelled. He understood the military challenges there, but even more importantly he understood the cultural and political challenges.

His last active duty assignment was serving as commander of the Southern Command. I visited him at SOUTHCOM headquarters and was deeply impressed with his grasp of Latin American economics and politics, as well as the challenges posed by organized crime.

I was delighted when Gen. Kelly agreed to serve as secretary of Homeland Security. I thought he brought with him a unique understanding of the challenges we face at our border and with violent multinational gangs. In fact, I thought the choice of Kelly was a good indicator of the caliber of people then-President-elect Trump wanted in ………


If Kelly and Trump can become a real team, it will be a game changer | Fox News

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