Manafort Goes After Mueller

It is now reported that former Trump aide Paul Manafort sues Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It is a case that you can be sympathetic to. The Special Counsel is way outside the charter of investigating collusion and is way outside the time frame in his investigation. If he has exceeded his charter, then the prosecution of Manafort could be considered null and void. That is the case that they want to make. here are the details.

As Written and Reported By Matt Apuzzo for the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, sued the special counsel on Wednesday and asked a federal court to narrow his authority, escalating Republican efforts to discredit an investigation that has stretched longer than the White House expected.

The unusual move comes as Mr. Trump tries to portray the investigation as a politically motivated witch hunt that has cast a dark cloud over his administration and, in his view, the country.

The president said last week that he hoped the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, will treat him fairly. Mr. Trump’s lawyers have advised against directly criticizing Mr. Mueller, a Republican who is regarded as one of the premier law enforcement officials of his time. But with four former Trump campaign aides facing charges and no end to the investigation in sight, some of Mr. Trump’s allies have stepped up their attacks.

Mr. Mueller is investigating the Russian government’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election and whether anyone close to Mr. Trump was involved. As part of that investigation, prosecutors indicted Mr. Manafort on money laundering charges related to years of foreign lobbying — but not related to Russian election interference or the Trump campaign….


Paul Manafort Sues Mueller and Asks a Judge to Narrow the Russia Investigation – The New York Times



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