Marching to Georgia to Fight the Democrats!!

The Unhyphenated American, Lloyd Marcus is headed to Georgia. The goal is to keep Tom Price’s seat in the House of Representatives in the upcoming special election. There is a real danger here that the Democrats could steal this seat. Jon Ossoff is polling at  40% as the lone Democrat. A 50% in the primary gives Tom the win. There are 14, yes 14, Republicans running and diluting the effort. Here is what Mr. Marcus wants to happen.

As Written By Lloyd Marcus for American Thinker:

The pet-sitter said yes, she is available to watch our greyhound, two cats, four parakeets, and six cockatiels.  Great!  Mary and I are packing to drive from our home in Florida to Georgia to fight back against the Democrats’ continuing efforts to stop Trump.

Thus far, they have spent $4 million to put their far-left operative Jon Ossoff into the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price, whom Trump selected as secretary of health and human services.  What makes this race huge is that the Democrats will use a win in Georgia to embolden their rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth-with-hate base, encouraging them to beef up their anti-Trump protests and obstructionism.

What is scary is that if Ossoff (polling at 40%) gets 50% of the vote in the April 18 primary, he wins that seat.  Well, Mary and I and our good friends at Conservative Campaign Committee ain’t gonna let that happen.  Georgia, here we come!

Our goal is to stop Ossoff from getting 50% of the vote, forcing the race to continue to the June 20 runoff election.  You’ve heard of gumshoe detective work.  Conservative Campaign Committee uniquely engages in gumshoe campaigning, leaving no initiative to win on the table.  We do everything from media ads to standing on street corners waving signs.  This is how we roll when it comes to fighting leftist operatives and helping conservatives win.

Amy Kremer, former chairman of Tea Party Express, is running for the Georgia seat against 17 Republicans.  While I am sure the other Republicans are good people, I know Amy’s heart.  We started in the resistance against Obama’s bait-and-switch presidency at the same time back around 2008.  Eric Odom, Jenny Beth Martin, Amy Kremer, and I were brought to PJ Media regarding the……


Blog: Fighting the Dems’ anti-Trump resistance – Georgia, here we come!

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