Marie “Terrorists Need Jobs” Harf Defends The Indefensible on Fox News

While this story is not really about Marie Harf, she does provide a focal point for analyzing the Obama administrations failed Middle East policies. I say failed because it is hard to believe that this was done to the prestige of the United States on purpose. I could be wrong. Here is what they thought caused ISIS and what they should do to fix the problem. It does not reflect reality as the world knows it. Read this.

As Written and Reported By Daniel John Sobieski for the American Thinker:

Only someone who worked in Hillary Clinton’s State Department and thought giving ISIS summer jobs would stop their beheadings and terrorist attacks could dispute Josh Meyer’s lengthy, well-researched article in Politico detailing “how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook” by undermining his own government’s efforts to take down the terrorist group’s drug trafficking operations:

“I was part of the negotiating team that got the Iran nuclear deal done,” the former Obama State Department spokeswoman told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday.

“Until Politico wrote this piece, I had never even heard of this program. You know, the Politico story, this narrative in it is just false. And there’s no evidence in this story to back up their allegations,” Harf said.  “They quote a couple of low level ideological sources who clearly don’t like the Iran deal, but everything I know just doesn’t back up this narrative.”…

This story is a hit job, honestly, with no truth behind it,” Harf said.

Meyer reacted to Harf’s comments in an appearance with Fox News’ Shannon Bream, stating that her claim that his sources were “low-level” people was “sort of ridiculous.”

“They were not ideologues. They are not flawed. I don’t know what she’s talking about,” Meyer said. “These were the people, one was a Pentagon person, one was a DEA person. But I also talked to many, many dozens of other people to get sort of ground truth and see what their allegations were held up to the light of day. So this is not a story in 14,000 words where I was just taking spin from some …..


Marie Harf Defends Obama’s Aid to Hezb’allah

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