Marine Fire Base in Iraq? Since When?

We have a Marine fire base in Iraq. It is named Fire Base “Bell.” The Marines at the base are from an amphibious assault ship, the USS Kearsarge. We have had a Marine casualty there from ISIS artillery. That in itself is bad enough. However, the talking point is that it appears no announcement of the base had been made.  The Pentagon intends/intended to make it known this week.  We have troops in Iraq. There are 5000 US troops at a nearby base. This base seems designed to support forward lines of Iraq troops against ISIS.


ISIS Rocket Attack Reveals Unacknowledged U.S. Marine Deployment in Iraq

By Tom McKay at Yahoo! News

CNN reported on Sunday that a U.S. Marine slain in a Saturday rocket attack in northern Iraq, Staff Sgt. Louis F. Cardin of Temecula, California, was deployed there as part of the first (and previously unknown) U.S. fire base established in Iraq in the fight against ISIS.

According to CNN, its reporters learned from a defense official that the Pentagon “planned to acknowledge the firebase,” as well as the deployment of regular U.S. ground troops against ISIS in a support role with Iraqi troops, sometime “this week.”


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