Marine One Troops Get Accolades From President Trump

President Donald Trump is extremely honored to fly aboard Marine One. He said as much in an address to them. The President spoke to the members of Marine Helicopter Squadron One, or HMX-1. He does not take them for granted and thanks each and every one for their contribution to the mission of the squadron. This is the kind of praise that a true Commander in Chie gives to the men and women who serve out nation and the President.

As Written By Joe Seyton for Western Journalism:

President Donald Trump delivered a speech Friday to the Marines responsible for transporting the president of the United States and other high-level government officials.

Trump, who travels on Marine One, praised the members of Marine Helicopter Squadron One, or HMX-1.

And judging by the gift the Marines gave him beforehand, the respect is mutual.

The president seemed to recognize this, and at the very beginning of his remarks, he made sure to let the Marines know their present would not go to waste.

“So they gave me this hat,” Trump said at the Marine Corps Air Facility in Quantico, Virginia, according to a White House transcript of his remarks.

“It says, ‘Presidential Helicopter Squadron.’ Would you wear it? Now, no other president would do this. But I will, because I’m proud of you,” he added, garnering applause from the Marines in attendance.

“I’m proud of you,” Trump said again. “What the hell.”

Trump then directly addressed the soldiers who maintain Marine One and fly him around on it………


Trump Gives Speech to Marines Who Fly Presidential Helicopter – They Had a Very Special Gift for the President




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