Mark Levin Sets The Record Straight On Why Bill Clinton Was Impeached [Video]

Talk show host Mark Levin sets about correcting the record on the real reason that President Bill Clinton was impeached. Mr. Levin felt compelled to fact check Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky who was interviewed on MSNBC Saturday. Like many uninformed voters, many think that Old Bill was impeached for the Monica Lewinsky affair and scandal. Not true. here is the truth. remember it well.

As Written By Michael Morris for CNS News:

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Monday, host Mark Levin corrected those on the left who suggest that Bill Clinton was impeached for his immoral sexual conduct, Levin stating, Bill Clinton was impeached “for obstructing justice, for committing perjury;” he was

“But let us be clear: Bill Clinton was not impeached for being a sexual predator,” stated Mark Levin. “Bill Clinton was impeached for breaking the law, for obstructing justice, for committing perjury, and for lying in front of a federal judge during a deposition – that is, contempt of court. That’s why he was impeached.”

Levin’s comments came after “leftwing, Democrat” Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky was interviewed on MSNBC Saturday, Yarmuth saying that “Bill Clinton paid a huge price for his reprehensible conduct.”

Below is a transcript of Levin’s remarks from his show Monday:

Reporter: “Now let’s move on to New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand who said this week that she believed that Bill Clinton should have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinski affair. We had Secretary Clinton saying yesterday that she’s not sure what Gillibrand was actually trying to say by saying that. How did you react when you heard Gillibrand’s comment?

Yarmuth: “You know what, I reacted like—Bill Clinton paid a huge price for his reprehensible conduct. He was impeached. His reputation—”

Levin: “Alright, stop.

“He was impeached, ladies and gentlemen, for committing perjury. He was impeached, ladies and gentlemen, for obstructing justice. And he should be very thankful that federal district judge in Arkansas, Little….


Levin: Bill Clinton Was Impeached for Committing Perjury – Not for Immoral Sexual Conduct



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