Massive Chinese hack of federal govt reached Congress (VIDEO)

As Reported By The Hill Blotter:

As government officials answered questions about the recent Office of Personnel Management data breach, former and current congressional staffers processed the notices they are receiving from the agency that they, too, were affected by the breach.

Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, D-Va., told CQ Roll Call Tuesday that his press secretary, George Burke, who has never worked for the executive branch, received a notice from the OPM saying his personal identifiable information may have been compromised. Connolly said he spoke with someone in the office of the House Chief Administrative Officer, and it appeared that congressional staffers who had a break in their service, activating their retirement status, were affected by the breach.

“What it seems to be is: If you worked up here for ‘x’ number of years and you terminate your employment and you leave government service, they give a final report, which may turn out not to be final, about your retirement status to OPM,” Connolly said after attending the classified briefing on the breach for members of the House.

“I am an example of a former, but now a current employee who could have been compromised,” Connolly said, noting his years as a Senate staffer. “So when they say ‘former employees,’ what they really mean is somebody who could have interrupted service but is now a current employee.”

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Source: OPM Breach Includes Congressional Staffers (Video) – Hill Blotter


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